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13.8kg (30.5lb) SnowWhite Kit
13.8kg (30.5lb) SnowWhite Kit

13.8kg (30.5lb) SnowWhite Kit

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The Brightest White Casting Epoxy

SnowWhite mixes easily, has an extra white pigment, is non toxic and has a low odor. 

The whitest casting epoxy on the market; SnowWhite is a unique product specially formulated with additional solid pigments to produce a far more opaque white versus the milky white achieved with casting epoxies and color pigment alone.

SnowWhite is the epoxy we would recommend if you are looking for a white finish. SnowWhite is a pre-blended, stand-alone epoxy that does not get mixed with FlowCast or UVPoxy, but is an independent blend. Compared to adding pigments to a clear epoxy, using SnowWhite produces a much better vibrancy that is more evenly blended and more cost-effective than buying a clear epoxy and white pigments. By using pigments, you end up needing a lot to get close to the same rich effect of SnowWhite.

SnowWhite consists of fillers and extra white pigments suspended in epoxy resin which are blended thoroughly, allowing for a uniform and incredibly brilliant white finish. SnowWhite mixes easily and is non-toxic with low order, making it a perfect solution if you are looking for a bright white color for your next project.

SnowWhite can be easily worked using the same tools you would use when woodworking. It can be sanded, shaped, drilled, tapped, machined, and routered and will remain tough and durable for life. It will adhere and create a very strong bond with the surface it’s applied to.

SnowWhite can be used to create furniture, art projects, filling large gaps in wood, river tables & more. 

For more information and tips when using SnowWhite please visit the following link Vibrant White Casting Epoxy | SnowWhite from EcoPoxy

Bucket INCLUDED in price & Vat.

Snow White Part A Safety Data Sheet

Snow White Part B Safety Data Sheet